Original Soundtracks

Better Luck Next Time

"Better Luck Next Time (BLNT) is a blunt ball game with blunt rules. Just keep the fast and furious ball in this quick and dirty game.
Will YOU get the balls bumpin? Or are you gonna be up all night to get lucky?"

Minesweeper Revolution

"Minesweeper is a challenging, mind-puzzling game. Through logical thinking you have to find out which fields contain either points or mines. The numbers on the fields tell how many mines are close to them. Clear the entire field and flag the mines to score. Avoid the mines, they're gonna blow you up!"



Drunken Kicker

"Die Menge johlt. 60.000 Stimmbänder rufen Deinen Namen. Das Blitzlichtgewitter ist Balsam für die Seele. Die ganze Welt möchte Dich bei Deinem Meisterstück sehen. Elegant und mit unbändiger Kraft rast Du mit dem Ball auf das Tor zu."

Super Best Friends: The Videogame

"Super Best Friends: The Video Game will be a RPG based upon the adventures of Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam (Super Best Friends Play)"