Joining Sol (Katzenjammer) On Stage

On February 14th 2018 I had the tremendous honour to the join the wonderful Sol Heilo (from Katzenjammer) on stage for "Rock Paper Scissors" in Berlin. 

I have been a huge Katzenjammer fan since 2011 (saw them live twice) so getting to meet Sol and her band before the show was a pretty big deal already. And what should I say, these girls and guys were the most kind and supporting "rockstars" I have ever witnessed. 

Joining them on stage without rehearsing the song felt very intuitive and natural to me and judging by the looks on their faces during the song I feel like they enjoyed my company as well.


Everybody wants the people they look up to to be generous and nice and just perfect. And when that's actually the case you can't help but smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Thanks again for having me, Sol. I had a blast!



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